The Royal Wedding of Silly Hats

Oh I can’t wait until Monty Python gets a-hold of this wedding… :D

No, really, some of the guests at the Royal Wedding had some of the silliest hats! It’s like some spring runway fashion show threw up on the patrons! Look at some of these!

All photos here taken from CNN’s video page here. Photos used under Fair Use Parody Clause. No actual insult is intended for the ladies here, just their hats.

The hat’s diabolical scheme to block her vision has nearly come to fruition. It just needs to twirl its mustache a few more times first.

I bet she gets really good satellite reception with that thing.

I don’t think she’s realized yet that someone has thrown a squash at her head and managed to land a hit.

Excuse me, Miss, your hat is a tiny bit off balance, you may wish to straighten it. And do make sure you warn someone before you turn your head, so you don’t knock anybody out.

The lady in white in the second row probably gets better radio reception than the lady a few pictures ago. Meanwhile, the lady in black in the third row needs to see a doctor about that tortoise - it looks like it’s sick.

I hope she used duct tape to stick that thing to the side of her head; it might blow away otherwise.

The lady could use her hat as a cam in machine if the situation required!

These two ladies on the left were attacked by wrapping paper and bows earlier this morning. They managed to tear off the wrapping paper, but the bows were a little bit more difficult.

Geeze, Lady! Watch where you swing that thing! You could put someone’s eye out!

She’s in the witness protection program, but got invited to the wedding. Obviously she couldn’t turn it down!

The Queen is amused by your silly bowl hat. She’s thinking perhaps the Royal Newlyweds could use it later at the reception to serve chips and salsa.

This lady was desperate enough to use a centerpiece from the dining room table as a hat. She even got the tablecloth to match! 

Oh, but none of the above compare to this splendor:


She’s gonna head-butt someone with those antlers!! How can that guy take her seriously with that thing?!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! She seriously took the picture frame off the mantle and attached it to her head!! A bow attacked her head and she fought it off with a wreath!! Did she just wear this because she’s in a high position in the Royal Family and wanted to see just how absolutely silly she could make her head look?! Or perhaps did she just want to dominate the silly hat competition because she did that! With flying colours! :D :D :D

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