In Soviet Russia, North Wind Breaks You

You know that story about the Sun and the Wind attempting to take the jacket off a man? Reprinted here:”I might admit that you are stronger than me if you can beat me in a contest,” said the Sun.

The North Wind’s ego wouldn’t let him turn down a challenge.  ”I can beat you at anything,” he stated.
"Let us agree," said the Sun, that whichever of us can make that man below us take off his coat is the more powerful."
"It’s a bet!," replied the proud North Wind.  He could blow down trees, so he knew he could cause a man to take off his coat.  Right away, he dropped down lower in the sky.  He sent a puff of air that blew the bottom of the jacket upwards, hitting the man in the face.  The man smoothed the bottom of the coat down with his hands and kept on walking.  Annoyed, the North Wind blew harder.  With the first cold blast, the man pulled the coat more tightly around him and turned up his collar.
The harder the North Wind blew, the tighter the man held onto his coat.  The man grasped the ends of his sleeves with his fingers and from the inside of the arm holes pulled the arms of the coat closed at the wrist to keep the wind out.  Then the man wrapped his arms across his chest to keep the wind from blowing the coat open.  He tucked his chin down and leaned forward into the wind and kept walking.  The North Wind puffed and puffed until he was out of breath.  All that had happened was that the man hung onto his coat tighter than ever!
Then the Sun took her turn.  She began to shine.  At first her beams were calm and gentle.  But, after the terrible cold of the North Wind, the sunshine felt pleasant to the man.  His chin lifted, and he turned his face upwards toward the light.  The Sun warmed her rays just a bit, and watched as the man’s arms dropped to his side.  She watched his hands re-appear after the man let go of the ends of his sleeves.  She turned up the temperature and saw him open his collar and unbutton the jacket.  Then, she heated the air around him, and the man took out a kerchief and mopped his brow.  Moments later, as the Sun continued to shine on him, the man took off his coat and sat down in the shade of a tree to cool himself.
The Sun didn’t say a word to the North Wind.  Politely, she turned and continued her journey across the sky.  Both of them knew that her gentleness and kind persuasion were more powerful than all of the North Wind’s bluster and force.

Well, in this story (when interpreted as a political allegory)… THE SUN AND THE WIND ARE COMMUNISTS!! They try and make the man take off his freedom, represented by THE COAT!! The wind, who represents COMMUNIST RUSSIA, tries to do this BY FORCE!! The sun, representing MODERN DAY COMMUNISTS, does this by SLOW SUGGESTION!! IT WARNED US AND WE DID NOTHING!!!!!!! #satire #TinFoilHatsAreCoolLooking